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Penis pumps to enlarge your manhood and elevate your rock-hard erection pleasure we have the UK’s best selection of vacuum penis pumplarge penis pumps and electric penis pumps. The fully portable and easy to use pumps help to overcome erectile dysfunction problems and enhance stamina, performance and physical intimacy. Regular use increases penis length and girth, and guarantees prolonged satisfaction. To find the perfect device for you, we’ve put together a guide on how to find the best penis pump for you; how to use, the differences and the benefits.

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Showing 1–35 of 91 results

Showing 1–35 of 91 results

Vacuum Penis Pumps

Penis vacuum pumps are a plastic device which is put on the penis. It is connected to a tube and a pump; when you operate the pump, it creates a vacuum inside the container, which promotes blood flow and leads to an erection. Vacuum penis pumps have a ring at the base of the penis which keeps the blood in the organ. Depending on how much you pump, your penis will grow in both length and width, so you will achieve a full erection.

Water Penis Pumps

A water penis pump is made from a chamber, a gaiter and a safety valve. To use it you fill the container with water and insert your penis in it, which creates a vacuum inside the chamber. Each time you push the chamber towards your body, the gaiter will compress and push back, while the air trapped inside will be compressed and pushed through the valve, along with a small amount of water.

Electric Penis Pumps

Electric penis pumps are the next generation of the ‘old school’ hand pumping penis pump. Why hand pump when it can be automatic, simply sit back and watch your manhood grow.

Cock Pumps To Extend Your Pleasure

Not strictly a sex toy, there are a number of ways in which you can enhance intimacy, performance pleasure and the duration of bedroom ecstasy. To enjoy a fast, efficient and high success rate, buy a penis pump is the must-have device for every man. Air vacuum and hydro pressure penis pumps not only naturally improve the size of your manhood, but they also enable you to sustain a stronger, harder erection for prolonged periods, and to enjoy satisfying results.

Originally invented by Dr John King in the 1870’s, the penis pump was initially used to clinically treat erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s Disease. Although the vacuum device has obviously undergone design changes and technological advancements over the years, the penis pump still comprises of 3 parts:

  • Pump base – made from durable body safe plastic, the pump base provides a tight seal around the base of the cock.
  • Cylinder – the cylindrical chamber engulfs the cock and contains the air or water.
  • Pump – as the name suggests, the pumping mechanism removes the air or water to create pressure inside the cylinder.

More recently, a fourth part has become popular – Electric. Using an electric penis pumps removes the need to manually pump up the pressure.

The Benefits of Using a Penis Pump

They are easy to use, portable devices that have been widely used to enhance penile health and erectile dysfunction in men since the sexual revolution of the 1960’s. Water-based (hydro) and air vacuum penis pumps can help to deliver permanent penis enlargement gains. They can also:

  • Boost self-confidence
  • Effectively increase the length and girth
  • Improve sexual stamina
  • Enhance the duration of sexual performance
  • Correct or straighten a curved penis
  • Achieve on demand rock-hard erections
  • Offer instant visible results

How to Use a Penis Pump

A penis pump operates using the simple principle of vacuum. As pressure is exerted inside the chamber, you will experience a gain in penis size. The vacuum pressure causes blood to flood the penis, swelling and expanding it, and creating a strong, rock-hard erection. Therefore helping erectile dysfunction.

To Use a Penis Pump:

  1. Insert your penis inside the cylinder device. (Keep pubic hair to a minimum)
  2. Remove the air or water from the cylinder by using the pump mechanism.
  3. Closely monitor the pressure to avoid discomfort or accidents.
  4. Follow manufacturer guidelines and time your pumping.
  5. Check the vacuum level.
  6. Release the pressure. This will cause the penis to swell and will also increase blood flow. The pressure on the penis ligaments allows you to achieve a noticeable size increase.

Do Penis Pumps Work?

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem that can be treated with a variety of oral and penile medications. If you prefer a more hands-on approach, a penis pump offers the ultimate solution. Air vacuum and hydro penis pump models are available in a variety of sizes, styles and affordable price ranges to provide an effective and natural remedy that is free from any side effects.

Many doctors recommend the use of a non-evasive penis pump as an alternative to surgery or medication that is inserted in the tip of the cock. Cock pumps are also safe to use alongside other treatments. You can use the device even if you have a penile implant. To achieve dream results, some men like to use a penis pump with penis enhancement supplements. After prostate surgery, a penis pump can restore your ability to get harder naturally.

If your penis is on the small and compact side, and you long to satisfy your lover with an enlarged member, a penis pump can help you achieve your porn star fantasies. To achieve a strong erection, it’s best to use the penis pump 5-10 minutes before sex. Regularly using the device will increase the size of your penis and maximise erection duration. It is however, important to take days off from your regular pumping practice.

Penis Pump Considerations

When choosing your perfect device it’s important to consider:

  • Effectiveness – To avoid spending money on a device you will never use, it’s a good idea to check out the penis pump specifications and promises, and the customer reviews to show how effective it is.
  • Durability – The durability of the penis pump is what delivers enlargement consistency. You need to use the device regularly in order to achieve the desired results. Choose a long-lasting penis pump made from silicone, polyurethane and/or resin.
  • Size – Pumps are not only designed to grow bigger dicks, but they can also boost thickness with extra blood. If you’re already adequately endowed but want to optimise penis girth, make sure that the cylindrical chamber can comfortably accommodate your size. A wider chamber offers the perfect fit for a curved penis.

The Best Penis Pumps in the UK

Penis pumps create a vacuum that allows the penis to swell and expand. This can be achieved with a water-based or air vacuum device. Hydro pumps are a highly popular enlargement and enhancement option for many reasons. They offer a tighter seal around the penis/pubic hair and a increases blood flow with great effects. The warm water inside the chamber caresses the penis and makes the skin feel softer and more elastic. Being water-based, the penis pump is ideal for regular use in the shower, but it can also be used in the bedroom without water.

To see amazing results and to experience rock-hard erections try:

The Bathmate Hydromax boasts a uniquely designed ‘Bellows Pump System’ for better and faster results. The supportive soft seal ring reduces pressure and enhances comfort around the penis base and scrotum. The 360degree chamber rotation gives you full visual, even when using the penis pump in the steamy shower. Choose from our selection of penis pumps in all sizes and styles.

Conventional air vacuum penis pumps achieve similar results but are generally cheaper than the alternative high-tech hydro models. As only air is required for use, this style of penis pump can be safely used anywhere.

To experience quick, comfortable and painless penis enlargement, try:

The Size Matters Advanced Penis Pumping Kit rapidly improves erection speed, size and longevity. The air vacuum penis pump kit includes a transparent cylinder, a trigger hand pump with pressure gauge, and a studded cock ring to hold your impressive results in place. Choose from our selection of penis pumps in all sizes and styles.

Overcome erectile dysfunction (ED) problems in an instant with the Apollo Automatic Power Pump Penis Developer. The fully automatic high-tech device boasts a sensually textured grip cylinder, LED display and a quick air release value. Its superior suction ensures optimal erection and satisfaction results.

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