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Showing 36–48 of 48 results

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What are Penis Extensions?

Now that you know what a cock sleeve is and how you can use it, let’s take a look at a similar, but more specialised male sex toy – the penis extension sleeve. These nifty sex toys give you more penis length and girth, while also increasing your personal pleasure while you penetrate your partner. Also, see our specific penis girth extenders.

These sexy toys are similar to cock sleeves in that they feature a sheath that covers the entire length of your cock. However, instead of the sheath or sleeve ending near or at the head of your penis, these sleeves feature a firm addition at the tip that gives you the extra long stroke you might dream about giving your lover with extra penis size or admire your additional flaccid length.

All cock extensions or penis extenders of all kinds will feature a hollow shaft that fits over your own natural penis to increase your penis size (whether you’re already large or have a small penis), but some will have various options for the extension area. Some might have a solid area that extends directly from around the tip of your penis to the end of the extension, like The Cyberskin 4 Inch Xtra Thick Transformer, while others might have additional ‘filler’ plugs that help keep the tip extra firm for both better personalised fit and better feel during intercourse. You simply need to explore the varieties and find which one you (and your partner) like the best and which will suit the needs you want to satisfy.

Why Should I Use a Penis Extension?

Many men have an intense desire to increase the length of their package to meet either their own desires or to increase the desire their partner feels toward them. Naturally, there are many options available for this, but few are as safe, easy, and as effective as a body safe silicone penis extension to achieve penis elargement. As before, the supplements and other products can have unwanted side effects or can ruin the moment while you get your package ready for play. There is literally nothing easier than sliding your toy on over your cock in comparison to the other options for penis enlargement and elongation.

  • No pumps or vacuums necessary
  • No awkward wait time
  • Easy and instant increase penis size change
  • Increases length and girth
  • Improved orgasms for everyone
  • Easy cleanup and care

How Do I use a Penis Extension?

After you’ve settled on the penis extension device you want to use, you’ll want to be sure that it will fit – please see below for a few tips on measuring your penis for the best fit and be sure to order the interior size that will work best for you.

Once you have your penis extension in hand, you can begin getting familiar with the toy and all the benefits it will bring you. As always, remember to use your favourite water-based lubricant (easier to clean and won’t degrade silicone based toys), and don’t forget to warm it up a bit if you want a more enjoyable and more realistic sensation while you’re playing and pleasuring yourself and your partner.

Start out by getting yourself as rock hard as possible (it’s difficult to use with a flaccid penis), insert the filler plugs if they came with your extender, and then ease the toy over your erection. Some penis extensions might feature a tight cock ring like opening that will help keep your erection solid by trapping the blood flow in your prize package, while others may be a bit more open and easier to slide into. Your choice depends on your personal needs, desires, and what you have purchased of course. Once you’re settled into the extension sleeve, be sure to lube everything up (you and your partner) and explore just how much this toy can change your sex life for the better.

Measuring Your Penis for Perfect Fit Cock Sleeves and Cock Extensions

For the best fit and feel with your cock sleeve or cock extender toy, you definitely want to be sure that you measure your package the right way. You’ll need to know what your natural length and girth (or circumference) is at so you can order the sleeve or extension toy that will stay in place and give you the best sensation during play. An improperly fitting cock sleeve or cock extension can turn these enhancing toys into uncomfortable experiences, so don’t be shy and get familiar with your body to be sure you have the best experience possible – you don’t want a flaccid penis.

To obtain this measurement you’ll need at least a solid ruler, and either a string (or other highly flexible and appropriate household items) or a tailor’s measuring tape (the soft kind of measuring tape not the measuring tape from your toolbox). Once you have the right measuring tools, you can get down to business.

For the most reliable measurement of your penis length, you’ll want to measure yourself while hard to have the best idea of what size toy you want to aim towards while perusing the available selection. You will take your straight ruler and gently press the edge that says ‘0’ to your pubic bone – this gives a firm area to rest the ruler and will help you get more accurate measurements. Then you will bring your penis, in an erect state, to be parallel to the ruler. You will then need to note exactly the point where the tip of your penis rests at on the ruler for the most reliable erect measurements. Due to variances in room temperature, body temperature, and erection strength, it is recommended to repeat this process over a day or two and then find the average length that you reach for the best fit.

For the most reliable measurement of girth or circumference of your penis, you’ll need to find the widest point of your penis while erect. If you’re not sure which area is the widest, feel free to take a few measurements along the length of your penis so you’re sure you’re measuring the point of the largest circumference. You will need the soft measuring tape or other flexible household items (a strip of paper can even do the trick – just beware papercuts!) for this to be as accurate as possible. Wrap the measuring tape around until it overlaps itself.

Take note of where the overlap begins and write down your measurement. If you don’t have tape, use a string and do the same thing, only once you’ve found the overlap point, you will then take the string while holding the overlap point and measure the length of string that was around your penis. As before, you can repeat this to gain an idea of your average and best measurements for an improved experience with your next penis sleeve or penis extension to achieve male enhancement.