Prostate Massagers

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Showing 36–70 of 93 results

Prostate sex toys for men are quite easy to use once you can get used to them the first time. The vibrators themselves come in several different sizes and shapes and they work to give prostate stimulation the nerve endings in your G spot with a slightly curved tip on the vibrator. Male G Spot sex toys are an excellent option for couples anal play or for individual prostate play.

Certain types of these vibrators are designed for play inside the rectum whereas others can access prostate and G spot stimulation from the outside using powerful vibrations. Depending on the type of experience you want to have and the budget you are working with, it could be a good idea to consider either one of these options during your shopping.

How to Use a Prostate Massager

It’s generally a good idea to have some experience with finding the prostate or G spot in men for the first time with your fingers. If you can locate the area that’s most sensitive between your anus and testicles for vibrations or by relaxing your anus and curving a finger to find your g spot, you will know exactly the type of toy and the shape to look for. Most male g spot toys come with vibration and movement as well as a curve that can move along your g spot or help you adjust the toy over time. Toys that have some movement can also ensure that you could have a completely hands-free experience.

Using your prostate massager… start slow.

Make sure to pick up toy safe lubricant before you explore your prostate massager. Many toy makers even have their own brand of lubricant which is designed for use specifically with their toys. Finding some of these items get help to make sure that you can enjoy the ideal experience with the toy of your choice.

Having options: picking out a prostate massager that has plenty of options for vibration settings and more can help to make sure you’ve got proper options with your toy. This can also give you more room for exploration down the road.

Cleaning Your Prostate Toy

Better quality male G Spot sex toys will often come with easier cleaning instructions. Certain types of materials that are used for male G Spot sex toys can often come with issues when it comes to cleaning. Rather than having to constantly worry about using a sanitary toy, it can be important to find a toy that can be very easily cleaned after play. Waterproof and sealed toys can often be the best option for a male g spot sex toy.

If you are looking for a great prostate toy that you could use to explore G spot play, there are a large number of options available to you in our online store.