Realistic Sex Dolls

Live all your sex fantasies with a gorgeous, realistic sex doll which can make your wildest dreams come true. Choose the doll you want from a wide variety of shapes and sizes to suit your very specific desires and enjoy the endless possibilities they offer. Ultra-realistic sex dolls are made with great attention to detail, so they provide the feeling of a real partner. Spank The Monkey have an ever-growing range of realistic sex toys.

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Sex dolls or love dolls are made from high-quality silicone which mimics the skin in high detail. They have flexible joints, which allow you to put the doll in any position you may want to be able to enjoy the ultimate sexual experience. Their appearance is stunning, as they come with sexy clothes and a couple of accessories to enhance their realism.

You can choose to buy one of the life-size sex dolls with large boobs and blonde hair or a gorgeous brunette doll to keep you satisfied every night. All the love dolls have the most realistic features, from their soft skin to their lustful eyes that are made to stare into your own eyes.

Luxurious life size dolls are made from the finest materials and have a high level of details, so you can get all the pleasure you want from your new silicone partner.

Life-size love dolls can be used to take your sex life to a new level and live your deepest fantasies. When you have sex with a doll you can forget about the real-life limitations and do whatever you want with your gorgeous babe.

You can choose to buy clothes for your doll and turn it into any character you want; life size sex dolls are perfect for turning your dreams come true if you want to indulge in sex with a hot policewoman or a lusty school girl.

You can also customise your love doll, by changing its hair colour or makeup, depending on your mood. Your imagination is the limit when it comes to using a sex doll, as they can be enhanced with bondage accessories, vibrators and additional sex toys to create the most exquisite experience.

Live all your fantasies with sex dolls, regardless if you are a man looking for more pleasure than you can get from a regular solo session or a couple who wants something different. Love dolls are great for men who want to take their masturbation to another level and enjoy the feeling of having sex with a partner, making their self-pleasuring game a lot more complex. Dolls can be used by couples who want to add more excitement to their sex life. A life-size doll is a perfect addition for a threesome, without the complications of having a real person between the sheets. Many couples love to have a doll to play with, as they can explore their wildest fantasies.

Browse our section of sex dolls and choose the one that fits your taste or look for one that is the complete opposite of the woman you would normally date. Boost your love life right now with a sex doll!