Introduction to male sex toys

Sex toys for men are generally something that is still considered somewhat taboo. While sex toys for women are now more widely accepted, the fact that men generally require less stimulation in order to reach orgasm makes male sex toys generally not something that is shared publicly. Vibrators dildos and other toys remain widely available for women but there are still only a few sex toys that are directed expressly at men. 

The truth is that there are countless sex toys that men can enjoy today. It can help them feel entirely new world of pleasure beyond traditional masturbation. These toys are becoming much more readily acceptable and even gaining some of the main shelf space and adult novelty stores and online stores worldwide. With many sex toy manufacturers now branching into the production of men’s sex toys it actually quite difficult to know where to start with the pure amount of products on the market today. In this article we will explore some of the main types of male sex toys that are available and which you may want to consider starting with. 

Cock Sleeves

A fleshlight: Fleshlights are a discrete range of sex toys that have become some of the most popular for men. These masturbation sleeves are designed and molded often after the look and feel of a real vagina. It’s one of the closest experiences that a man can come to real sex and the toys are crafted to have ultra-realistic sensations. Adult film stars even have their own branded versions of these fleshlights modelled after their own vagina’s mouths and even full torso’s.

Tenga: Tenga masturbation sleeves are designed as the direct low-cost competitor to masturbation sleeves like the fleshlight. They often come with a series of different 3-D patterns designed to create different sensations and they are usually made for a one time use to enhance the feeling of masturbation. 

Vibration toys for men

Pulse Solo: Men can also be extremely sensitive to vibrations and special vibration toys like the pulse Solo are often designed for couples play. They can offer a shape that is pleasing to both men and women and it can be used to produce powerful vibrations that can enhance masturbation. 

Vibrating cock rings: These can be excellent devices for creating a gratifying experience for couples play. It restricts blood flow ensuring that a man can last longer while also creating a powerful vibration effect that is satisfying to both partners during sexual intercourse. 

Prostate toys

Prostate Massager: These toys are designed to explore the prostate itself. The vibration can stimulate the prostate and potentially even lead to a prostate orgasm. These silicone devices work on the perineum to produce a strong vibration and can even be inserted into the anus to produce even more powerful effects. 

Currently, these are some of the most popular types of male sex toys on the market. Finding yourself one of these excellent toys could be a great place to start with expanding your horizons during sexual exploration. 

Next, we look at the history of male sex toys.