Blow Up Sex Dolls

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Showing 1–35 of 46 results

I would like to think that in this stage of the game we all know what a blow up doll’s intended purpose is and why one would go this route in search of sexual release. With today’s technology inflatable sex dolls are almost eerily lifelike and retain some of the human characteristics. It is not uncommon for someone who has purchased this product to say that it “feels” like a natural experience. Then again, maybe the user in question has a latex fetish and simply just craves form to his or her desire, no matter which sex it may take. The thing is, we all know what the inflatable sex doll is for and what it was created for so there should be no debate about that. That being said, we’re going to talk about something else. We’re going to talk about the hypothetical future of this industry, and just what could lie in store for mankind.

As I stated before, with the increase in technology, there is no reason to speculate that the enhancements made on this particular product will only get better and more lifelike. Perhaps with improvements in plastics and polymers the overall structure of the doll could appear more human and less doll like. A fabric of some sort (I would imagine it would have to be a really fine fabric) could be added to the entire doll to give it the added effect of skin. Programmable voice chips could be added to provide the user with limited interaction, therefore effectively increasing the sexual experience. These are but only two ways the imagination could keep up with the technology in this sex toy’s existence, and these were thought of on the fly. Imagine what a mind with a lot more time and resources to put into the project could come up with. This is something else to think about.

So if man (or woman, let’s not be sexist here) can come up with the perfect replacement for their sexual activities, what’s to stop them from quitting being interactive with each other? Let’s think of this in a worst case scenario type way, that way we have already planned for the worst and nothing else that could happen could possibly frighten us anymore that are original thought.

Let’s say that science and technology comes up with the perfect blow up doll; it’s finely crafted down to the very last detail. And just for the sake of argument, let’s also say that they have somehow managed to simulate appropriate emotional and physical responses to sexual stimulation. Let’s also say that this marvel of the sexual revolution is an economically viable purchase for even the most cash strapped of households. So, with the financial availability of this product combined with the realistic simulation of sexual congress without all the other stuff that goes into maintaining a human relationship (like actually caring about the other person) why wouldn’t a somewhat narcissistic person just excuse his or her self from human existence and just focus their attention instead on a life of self gratifying pleasure and emotionless sex?

You know, I’m not really sure what side of this argument I am on. Initially, it was going to be a warning, now I don’t know. Sexual fulfillment without emotional commitment is basically what is being offered here, and what man in his right man would not want that? I mean, from a strictly male perspective (I can’t speak for the ladies, but I bet some of them wouldn’t mind such a leap in this technology as well) this almost sounds like heaven on earth. It’s all the pluses of a relationship with none of the minuses.

A blow up doll is not going to care that you stayed out all night the night before partying with your friends and were not there to comfort her it its hour of need because her goldfish died. Blow up dolls do not need to be comforted, nor do they own goldfish. Blow up dolls do not need emotional validation, and they also don’t care if you only want to do your favourite sexual positions; doggy style, missionary, all to your personal taste . If a person wanted to be truly selfish, I suppose they could get by like this for quite a while. Maybe even for a lifetime, who knows? But what would a person have to show for that lifetime, besides some memories of some good times? Even if technology came up with a way to simulate love, it wouldn’t be the real thing. Wouldn’t a person miss out on some of the truer moments in life just because they chose the road of instant and selfish gratification?

I suppose that is an argument for another day. The fact of the matter is, people like blow up dolls and they aren’t going to quit buying them. Another fact is that with improvements in science, the adult entertainment market will undoubtedly also do a more robust business. I just hope it’s not too much to ask that people do not become so self-involved that they isolate themselves from the outside world. It is no question that blow up dolls provide sexual release without social interaction, that is the given. The question is can a person become so dependent of this sex toy that they forego any other choice of interpersonal relationships for the easy, reliable, and always willing plastic simulation?

I think it would be ok to have one around, for the days you want a little sexual release without any commitment. I think it would even be ok to regularly use it guilt free, as long as you didn’t isolate yourself from the rest of the world. You can’t count on a blow up doll for social interaction, no matter how far the advances go in that particular field of science. But I do believe that anyone can find a healthy balance between a little selfish self gratification and still being a functioning member of outside relationships.