Fleshlight Accessories

At SpankTheMonkey, we have a large collection of Fleshlight accessories including lubricants, shower mount, sleeve warmer, renew powder, and much more. So, explore the Fleshlight accessories and don’t forget to get the ones that will truly help you in using the Fleshlight easily and more pleasurably than you can think of.

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Showing all 9 results

Explore Our Range of Fleshlight Accessories

Yes, owning a Fleshlight only is not enough. You need to get some accessories with it as well. You want to have your experience of using a Fleshlight as enjoyable as you can. But, if you ever use a Fleshlight without a lubricant, things will not turn out just the way you wanted.

The Fleshlight doesn’t have any self-lubricating system. So, you need to apply lubricants externally to ensure that the experience you have with the Fleshlight is smooth and pleasurable. But, only having the pleasure and not thinking about the cleaning aspect is not a wise thing to do.

After each time you use the Fleshlight, you need to clean it properly so that you can use it the next time without any health problems. Also, proper maintenance of the Fleshlight will enhance its longevity and you can enjoy your masturbation ally’s companionship for a longer time.

Therefore, you should also look to have accessories that will not only help you to clean the Fleshlight every time you use it but also help you to maintain it properly. In this way, you will be having great fun while using the Fleshlight.