Male Sex Dolls

In stock, and ready to ship, we have a range of male love dolls from a bit of fun to high-end luxury realistic male love dolls, for women and men alike. There’s sure to be a love doll to tickle your fancy. Blow up/inflatable or realistic, we have a male sex doll just for you, we have a huge range of sex dolls, guaranteed to satisfy your desires.

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Showing all 9 results

Male Sex Dolls For Sale

If you want to indulge your fetishistic side, you can choose from a wide range of male sex dolls. You can get a basic male doll for around $5,900, or you can spend more by customizing it. For example, you can add freckles for $50, custom eyes and teeth for $300, or even a built-in heater. You can also pay for a personal shopper who will help you pick out the perfect doll.

SDG’s sexy collection

If you’re looking for an endless selection of male sex dolls for sale, look no further than SDG’s extensive selection. From a hot blonde to a muscular MILF, the SDG male sex doll collection will be sure to please. All of these models are made from high-end, realistic TPE or silicone material. You can even customize them to look like real people!


RealDoll male sex dolls have the same amazing quality of life as their female counterparts. They have movable joints and durable steel skeletons. You can customize their face, eyes, hair and skin tone. They also have an array of functions, including oral and vaginal sex.

Flexible torso

A flexible torso is an ideal feature for a male sex doll. It provides a realistic and realism look and feels, making it the perfect sex toy. A flexible torso also allows you to modify the penis and adjust its size and style.

Flaccid penis

Male sex dolls with flaccid penises are not new to the industry. They have been around since the mid-19th century and are made of vulcanized rubber. They are supposed to be filled with warm liquids and inflated to simulate sexual activity. While most are female-shaped, some have male-shaped versions. I have found references to these male sex dolls in my research.


There are different styles of male sex dolls, but silicone and soft moulded dolls are preferred by many men. Some of them even have a tongue. These models are made to mimic the actual mouth movements of a man’s partner. Male sex dolls are also available in a variety of different head sizes.

Anal holes

Ass sex dolls need to be cleaned after use. This is the only way to properly care for and maintain your doll. To clean your doll, follow the manufacturer’s instructions, use warm water, and let it dry before storing it.