Anal Sex Toys

Welcome to the exciting world of anal sex toys for men at Spank The Monkey. Whether you’re a beginner just starting out or an experienced enthusiast, our extensive selection promises something for everyone. Starting your journey into anal play might seem daunting at first, but with the right toys and a little bit of exploration, it can open doors to unprecedented pleasure and mind-blowing orgasms.

Our anal toys come in a variety of forms, from small and sleek silicone prostate massagers designed to hit the ‘P-spot’, to the ever-popular butt plugs in various sizes and materials, including glass and stainless steel. Perhaps you might be interested in our vibrating anal dildos, each designed to deliver tantalising sensations at your desired pace.

If you’re new to anal play, remember to start small, maybe with a petite ‘booty call’ plug or a set of anal beads. Don’t forget the importance of a good lube, it’s your best ally when it comes to anal play. As you become more comfortable, you may wish to explore larger toys, like our renowned ‘Black Marble’ prostate massager or the ‘Naughty Boy’ vibrating butt plug.

Don’t be shy about venturing into this exciting world of backdoor pleasure. Anal sex toys are a fantastic way to explore new sexual territories, creating a variety of sensations that can enhance solo play or add an exciting new layer to your intimate encounters. Be sure to browse our collection and find your perfect fit today!

Exploring Pleasure Horizons with Anal Sex Toys

Breaking taboos and stigmas, the diverse range of anal sex toys can unlock unprecedented levels of sensual pleasure. It’s a journey of discovery and exploration, irrespective of your sexual orientation.

Anal Play: An Array of Sex Toys for Anal Stimulation

At Spank The Monkey, we provide a vast assortment of sex toys tailor-made for anal stimulation. Our selection ranges from the conventional butt plugs and prostate massagers to more audacious options like hollow butt plugs, tail butt plugs, and anal probes. Our jewel butt plugs add a hint of luxury, while our vibrating butt plugs ensure an exceptional sensory experience.

Butt Plugs: A Diverse Assortment for Anal Adventure

Butt plugs are the mainstay of anal play. They are available in various sizes, shapes, and materials, including silicone, glass, and stainless steel. Our range of plugs, including jewel butt plugs, hollow butt plugs or stretchers, and tail butt plugs, caters to diverse needs and experiences.

Anal Beads: Rhythm and Pleasure

Anal beads, another popular choice, offer a rhythmic sensation as they are inserted and removed. They cater to both beginners and experts due to their flexible design.

Vibrating Butt Plugs: A Buzz of Excitement

Add an extra layer of pleasure with a vibrating butt plug. These innovative toys feature varying intensities and patterns of vibration, letting you tailor your experience.

Prostate Massagers: Targeting the ‘P-spot’

Prostate massagers are designed specifically to stimulate the prostate, or ‘P-spot’. They offer intense orgasms and a new dimension of sexual pleasure.

Anal Probes: Deeper Exploration

Anal probes cater to those looking for deeper exploration. They come in varying lengths and girths, and some even have a curved design for targeted stimulation.

Choosing Your Ideal Anal Sex Toy

Consider Your Comfort and Experience Level

Selecting anal sex toys should be based on your comfort and experience level. Beginners can start with smaller, less intimidating toys, gradually progressing as they become comfortable.

Anal Play: Hands-free or Manual?

Anal sex toys offer both hands-free experiences and manual operation. Hands-free toys often include a remote control, offering ease and variety of stimulation. Manual toys provide direct control over speed and depth of penetration.

Enhancing Your Anal Play Experience

Anal Play Vibrations: Add a Buzz to Your Sensations

Many anal sex toys feature adjustable vibration settings, introducing an extra dimension of pleasure. Varying intensities can help build up to climax, while different patterns deliver waves of enjoyment.

Anal Play Relaxation: Key to Pleasure

Relaxation is key when experimenting with anal sex toys. Make sure to relax both your body and mind, allowing yourself to fully embrace and enjoy the experience.

Anal Play Safety: A Priority

Starting Small in Anal Play

Beginners should start small, even just a finger before transitioning to small toys. Avoid numbing lubricants as they can lessen pleasure and hinder recognition of discomfort.

Lubrication: A Must for Anal Sex Toys

Lubrication is essential in anal play as the anus is not self-lubricating. Using a quality lubricant can significantly enhance the pleasure of penetration.

Safety Precautions for Anal Play

Always establish a safe word during any sexual activity, especially when experimenting with new toys or practices.

Cleanliness and Anal Play

If cleanliness is a concern, an enema could be used before anal play. However, frequent usage should be avoided as it can disrupt the natural balance of your digestive tract.


Anal play offers a realm of unexplored sensations, and at Spank The Monkey, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience this pleasure. Our expansive range of sex toys for anal stimulation caters to all comfort and experience levels. Unleash your sexual potential and explore the exciting world of anal play with us today!