Anal Range

If you are getting started with anal sex toys for men, the first time you may feel a little bit intimidated. Starting with a small toy and experimenting using a bit of anal play can often lead to many new sensations and perhaps even a mind-blowing orgasm. Anal sex toys for men can come in many different shapes and sizes from buttplugs to massaging dildos. Some tips to guide you down the process of using these toys as well as selecting the right toy can help to make sure you have a more positive experience.

No stigmas: Even if you are a person that identifies as heterosexual, trying anal play or picking up anal sex toys should have no stigmas attached to it. An interest in this type of sensation is something that could unlock a new part of your sexual journey. Trying new things could have you seeking new types of toys to enhance the sensation even further.

Choose a toy that suits your needs: when choosing male anal sex toys it’s very important that you select something that’s going to suit your needs. You may read reviews about a large or expensive dildo that could provide you with an amazing experience but this can represent quite inexpensive investment and a toy that you might not feel comfortable using. Starting with something less intimidating and a little bit cheaper will help you to experience the sensation without having to invest too much money.

Decide on hands-free or something simpler: there are some anal sex toys which are designed to be hands-free experiences whereas other toys are designed to have you guide them with your own hands. Using a hands-free device can be a great way that you can have some control over your orgasm through a remote or through a device that is perfectly curved to help you reach your goal. With a proper rocking motion, a hands-free toy could be all that is needed to reach your peak pleasure.

Consider vibration settings: Many of the top male anal sex toys available are designed with the idea of vibration settings. If you want to make sure that the toy can give you waves of pleasure, this can mean seeking one out that comes with a few different types of vibration that you can control. Having different intensities can often work you towards orgasm faster.

Relaxation: this is one of the most important aspects of exploring male anal sex toys. When starting with any type of anal play relaxation is absolutely crucial and this means properly relaxing your legs, your butt and your mind. Really enjoying the experience means not getting too far into your own head and finding a way that you can enjoy the experience fully through relaxation.

Consider some of these top ideas when you are looking towards picking up the mail in all sex toy. If you are looking for some of the best options in this market you should consider checking out some of our top selections here!

Safe Anal Play Tips

If you’re new to the anal play experience, you’ll also want to brush up on the guidelines to basic anal play safety. There’s more to it than you might think at first. Not only can some of the styles of butt plugs have narrow bases that might slip in more easily (and require professional attention for safe removal), but there are a few other important points to remember when it comes to every anal encounter you want to experience. 

Anal Play Basics

  • If you’ve never had an anal experience, you must start out with smaller anal toys (or even just your [or your partner’s] fingers), and avoid using numbing lubricating agents as these can both reduce pleasure sensations and are capable of reducing the ability to recognize if you need to stop the anal penetration. The anus is a soft and sensitive area that deserves and demands respect and loving care – you don’t want to rip or tear it – especially when you’re in the throes of pleasure.
  • When you’re comfortable with using small anal toys, you can begin to work towards larger toys for increased penetration and pressure – always go slowly to find your comfort zones.
  • Always use lubricant for every anal encounter you have. The anus is a tight orifice for a good reason, and lubricant will ease the penetration and increase the pleasure you will experience. Even if you are a woman that gets ‘really’ wet during intercourse, you will want to have additional lubricant available for your anal adventures. It just makes everything feel so much more enjoyable.
  • If you love the idea of anal, but aren’t sure about how ‘dirty’ things might get, you can always look into performing a cleansing enema before you venture into the world of anal stimulation. Try not to do these very often – as they can affect the balance of the bio-dome that is your digestive tract, but it comes in handy when you want a really clean experience. Sealed saline enemas are the best bet – as these are sanitary and body safe.
  • Whether you’re new to anal play or an experienced anal player – decide on a safe word with your partner to use in the case that things aren’t quite feeling the way they should. Be sure it’s a word that you don’t normally use in your sexy scenarios or play sessions – it can be confusing to your partner(s).