The History of male sex toys

Male sex toys today have come a long way even though they are still somewhat hidden within society. It’s not uncommon to talk about the idea of vibrators are dildos but speaking about items like a fleshlight out in public can often be considered taboo today.

The truth is that items like the branded fleshlight have been around in some sense over a long period of time, at least as long as any other dildo or vibrator. 

Sex toy options today for men are pretty much unlimited. There are sleeve vaginas moulded after adult film stars as well as complex robotic sex toys that can deliver sensations that are almost identical to a blow job. Modern sex dolls are also causing a stir as these items now look and feel more realistic than ever before. The early construction of male sex toys, however, starts a long time ago:

Some of the first records of men using toys for sexual play dates back to ancient Greece. There were many men that were using all of oil is lubricant and old stale bread as dildos for example. Throughout history there’ve also been men that have been using warm towels and jelly to create their own version of a fleshlight as well. 

The idea of masturbation and sexual exploration was not something that was particularly public throughout history. Throughout Christianity there were many examples of speaking out against masturbation and this would lead to sex toys remaining on the secret end of the spectrum for thousands of years. 

An alchemist in 1904 was one of the first to start producing mass-produced inflatable dolls that were designed as sex toys. Rene Schwaeble was one of the first to ever produce an artificial vagina that was designed for male sexual pleasure and on a mass scale. These dolls could even be reproduced to look like any live or dead person.

In year 1960 the Supreme Court in the United States would allow sex shops to be legal but this still didn’t open up the floodgates for the creation of many male sex toys. It wasn’t until the year 1990 that many male sex toys started to grow in popularity. 

Since the Internet grew to mass popularity more people saw the chance to have items ordered discreetly to their door. Men also begin sharing information on how they could create their own sex toys through online forums and message boards. 

Because many people were actually ordering sex toys from their home the rise and demand of sex toys like fake vagina sleeves and more became more widespread. Penis sleeves and more got even more detailed to the point where materials were created that felt very similar to human skin including pubic hair, moulds of adult film stars (Fleshlight girls) and more

Male sex toys still aren’t in a spot where it quite is acceptable to talk about them in public as a traditional vibrator but they are rising in popularity and acceptance. Rather than having the use found items or even craft sex toys as they were created in the past, it’s now quite easy to go down to your local adult novelty store or order online to try a wide range of men’s sex toys today. Part 3, what does the future hold for male sex toys or shop online now..