Male Masturbators

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Showing 131–195 of 454 results


These fleshy favourites are one of the biggest hits on the market of male masturbatory aids. This particular toy is better known as a ‘Fleshlight’ or ‘pocket pussies’, sometimes moulded on your favourite porn stars – see Fleshlight Girls. You’ve probably heard about these before – or even found one in a friend’s or lover’s bedside drawer the ultimate realistic masturbator.

The basic structure of the male masturbator consists of a casing (typically aimed toward subtle and easily hidden storage of the toy), a specially formulated body-safe synthetic flesh insert (open at both ends), and a cap at either end of the case. One cap is to cover the orifice and keep any dust and dirt from getting on or in the insert during storage. The second cap has a nifty suction control for ultimate pleasure.

You might be thinking, how hard can using a male masturbation sleeve be? It’s gotta be pretty basic, right? Well, it’s not a difficult task – that’s for sure, but there is a bit more work involved to get things started off right than you might first think. Don’t worry, it’s worth every bit of effort!

You’ll want to warm the synthetic flesh insert to somewhere closer to normal body temperature. Room temperature synthetic flesh simply doesn’t give the best effects, and there are even a couple of easy options to use when it comes to warming your masturbator to real flesh temp. One popular option for any of you who prefer to pinch your pennies (like me) is to simply submerge your synthetic flesh insert in hot water for twenty minutes. You’ll need to change and refresh the water around the ten minute mark – heated water only stays hot for so long (and don’t even think about boiling these toys). After you’ve thoroughly warmed your insert in the water, drain the remaining water out and replace the insert back into the casing. Or, if you want to pamper yourself and take away some of the extra effort, you can indulge in a heating wand accessory – which offers perfect and consistent temperature every time! You don’t even have to remove the case while warming – so it saves you even more time!

While you’re warming up your synthetic flesh insert in the warm water or with the heating wand, you’ll want to also warm your water-based lubricant. (Yup, water-based lube only fellas, you don’t want to see the damage other lubes can cause to the sleeve.) The combination of warm lubricant and warm insert will maximize that ‘real’ sensation and will seriously improve the overall masturbation experience. If using the water method, you can place your bottle of lube over the insert to help keep the insert submerged. Bonus: the lube will be warmed up too!