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How Do Penis Pumps Work?

Erections depend on healthy blood flow to the erectile tissue inside your penis

Healthy blood flow to the erectile tissue within your penis is essential for the formation of an erection. This process is regulated by blood vessels and nerves. Hormones also play an important role. The state of your mind and the nature of your relationship with your partner are also critical factors for a successful sexual experience. For example, stress can negatively impact the function of your penis by causing the sympathetic nervous system to shut down blood flow to the penis. Ultimately, this can prevent you from achieving an erection.

Erections depend on sexual stimulation

Erections are a result of healthy blood flow through the penile tissue and relaxed muscles surrounding the corpora cavernosa, the soft sponge-like tissue surrounding the penis. During sexual intercourse, penis pumps can improve both of these factors.

Sexual stimulation

Penis pumps work by stimulating blood flow in the penis and vagina. Increased blood flow stimulates the external organs, making them more sensitive to sex. The clitoris may hide under the clitoral hood to avoid overstimulation. Muscle contractions also become stronger, sometimes becoming spasms. Increased blood flow also causes the vagina to produce more lubrication and change colour. This process stimulates the pleasure centres of the brain and leads to increased pleasure.

Erections depend on positive pressure

Penis pumps are small plastic tubes that can be battery-operated by hand. They use pump action to draw blood into the penis, which then forms an erection. Some pumps also include an inflatable or semi-rigid ring to hold the blood during an erection. Penile implants are another option for men with prostate problems or physical damage to their penis. These devices are permanent, but they can be expensive and are not available on the NHS.

Negative pressure causes bruising

Some people may experience bruising after using penis pumps. These bruises may be minor and go away on their own within a few days. However, if you’re experiencing persistent bruising, you may need to visit your doctor to avoid further damage. Bruising is not a serious health issue, but it can be a sign of excessive pressure on the penis.

Painful bruising

The extent of pain and bruising caused by penis pumps depends on where they’re applied. It’s most likely to happen on the head of the penis, where small blood vessels are more vulnerable to rupture. However, the shaft can also be bruised. The skin of the penis is very delicate, so it’s no surprise that it’ll be prone to bruising and blisters. These blisters can be extremely painful. As they heal, it is important to apply antibacterial ointment or cream.


Bleeding from penis pumps is one of the most common side effects of penis pumps, although the effects are usually temporary. The skin of the penis is extremely sensitive and can bruise easily. Penile hematomas can be a sign of too much vacuum pressure. If you experience any of these symptoms, stop using the device immediately and see a doctor.