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Sex Toys For Men

If you’re looking for sex toys for men, you’ve come to the right place. Here you will find information on Tenuto, Arcwave Ion, Tenga Flip Zero, and the Fun Factory ‘Manta’. These toys are ideal for a man to take care of himself and enjoy sex in private.


Tenuto is a new generation of male sex toys that uses pulsating vibrations to give a man’s partner an unforgettable experience. The device has six motors, each of which is adjustable, to create vibrations that target the partner’s sexual zones. This device has an attractive design and is shipped discreetly with a 12-month warranty.

Arcwave Ion

If you’re looking for a new sex toy for men, you might want to check out the ArcWave Ion. This electronic penis massager boasts eight different pleasure settings that target specific parts of the penis. While it doesn’t have the flexibility of other electronic devices, it can provide hours of satisfaction and is very lightweight. This electric sex toy also doesn’t include many accessories and comes with a small charging case.

Tenga Flip Zero

The Flip Zero sex toy is a very good choice for those who want an intense climactic experience. It features four sections that are designed with different textures and features. The Ripple Dome, which is the top layer, has multiple layers of ripples that are designed to gently brush the penis head. The layered end orb is also impressive for an enveloping experience.

Fun Factory ‘Manta’

The Fun Factory ‘Manta’ is a great choice for the man looking for a hands-on penis stroking device that provides intense stimulation. This sex toy is incredibly easy to manipulate and control thanks to its flexible but firm prongs. It also features ridges along its prongs to ensure maximum comfort. The Manta also comes with a guidebook to help you use it properly.

WOW Tech Group’s F1S V2

The LELO F1S V2 is a high-quality sex toy that measures 5.6” long, including the silicone sleeve. It has two powerful motors and features cruise control tech. It has an app that allows users to set up different modes and settings for the sex toy. This device is specifically designed to stimulate the head and upper shaft for the ultimate sexual experience.

Lelo’s HEX

Lelo’s sex toys for men are a unique combination of design and innovation. They feature state-of-the-art technology and sophisticated aesthetics. While most sex toys are essentially the same, these innovative products are designed for men to make their lovemaking experience as luxurious as possible.

Tenga ‘Hex’

Designed to make your orgasm even more powerful, the Tenga ‘Hex’ for Men provides the perfect experience for male orgasms. It can be used alone or with your partner and requires little maintenance. For added convenience, the device comes with a 3 piece storage case and requires only mild soap and water for cleaning.

Tenga ‘F1S V2

The F1S V2 is a hand-held sex toy that works on the principle of a real penis. The device has a dashboard-style interface where the user can customize his movements and see performance feedback. It can also be used to control hand-shandy programs.